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Quit Smoking

Because you will live longer, feel healthier, save money, and no longer silently suffer in smokefree environments like restaurants, workplaces and airports etc. You will also benefit your nearest and dearest by not subjecting them to second-hand smoke.

Research has revealed that nicotine is one of the most common forms of addiction, and just as addictive as alcohol or cocaine.

Your first step after you decide to quit, should be to set a date for your break from tobacco addiction. It is also worth considering a consultation with a health professional who could advise you about support medication.

It varies from person to person.
The most common and approved choices are:

Nicotine gum; Nicotine inhaler; Nicotine nasal-spray; Nicotine patch; Bupropion SR. All of these have proven helpful to people who are eager to quit smoking.

Withdrawal stress usually occurs in routine situations, such as smoking after breakfast, or while having a drink. Try changing your routine by eating breakfast in a different place, changing from coffee to tea, and avoiding drinking alcohol for a couple of months.

It is also a good practice to remove all ashtrays and smokers requisites from your vicinity.

Get busy with an interesting task, have a chat with someone, do some exercise, read a book, drink water, -and remember why you decided to quit.

This practice is very risky for most ex-smokers. The years of smoking have created an enduring nicotine tolerance in the body, and even after years of abstinence the nicotine reaction can be triggered by the ex-smoker trying “just one” cigarette and cause them to start smoking again.

Enlist the support of your Family, friends and colleagues. You can also get individual, group or telephone counselling from a variety of organizations. Your local health department and doctors will be able to give you information about programs in your area.

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