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Personal Injury

“Personal injury” is a term that refers to accidents, events, or other causes that lead to bodily injury.

Yes. whiplash is one of the most common cases of personal injury.

Whiplash is a sprain in the upper part of the spine which occurs when the neck is rapidly whipped forwards and backwards, stretching the muscles and tissues.

Whiplash, which is known medically as cervical spine strain, is usually the result of vehicle accidents or sports injuries.

The most frequently occurring symptoms in nearly all cases of whiplash include:
Neck pain; Headache; Back and shoulder pain; Dizziness; Anxiety and depression.

The victim may have the right to claim compensation for medical bills; loss of income; pain and suffering; physical damage or disability. 

Only a lawyer who is specialised in the field of personal injury can answer this question accurately,- and only after evaluating
the individual case.

  • Negligence,- is applicable when the defendant is accused of responsibility for the injury by failing to prevent it.
  • lntention,- when the defendant is accused of intentional injury
  • Strict liability,- this is the basis in some product liability cases where neither negligence nor intention were involved, but the product was being used as intended by the manufacturer or supplier.

Most legal claims are governed by Statutes of Limitation which dictate the time that is allowed for a complainant to file a lawsuit after suffering or discovering injury. 

Statutes of Limitation can vary greatly, so it is important to consult an experienced legal expert as soon as possible.

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