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Exercise for beginners

No, that would be unwise. First consult your health professional,-particularly if you are older than 35, smoke, haven‘t been active recently, or have any kind of medical condition.

Proceed slowly and cautiously. Give your body time to adjust to the strain of physical activity and you will be able to increase the length and intensity of your program.

Dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing, and begin with a “warm-up” session. This phase should last about three to five minutes and include slow stretching of the muscles and some low-impact exercise.

Now go on to the actual exercise phase at a moderate intensity. Don’t overexert yourself,- you should be breathing more deeply and rapidly, but still be able to have conversation. 

During the exercise you will feel your heart beating faster and you should begin to sweat. Finish off with a “cool-down” session. Just spend a few minutes walking slowly around to let your body relax.

Stop immediately if you feel pain in your chest, left neck or arm during or after exercising.

Yes, beginners should take a rest every second day, and watch out for signs of overexertion such as: Chronic fatigue; Decrease in performance, muscle soreness and damage.

Try to plan your exercise sessions, and make them a regular part of your routine. Experts recommend a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderately intense physical activity to achieve significant health benefits. Overweight and obese people should work their way gradually to this level.

Probably the most popular method of keeping track of improvements is to make body measurements of the hips. waist, thighs and calves etc. If you are intending to lose body fat, these measurements will gradually decrease while at the same time you are gaining muscle. 

Also, if you are trying to lose body fat, you will notice looseness in your clothing and such jewelry as rings and watches.

It’s not,- only when you don’t do it, it is burdensome. Remember, your body is one of the few things that you can improve on without official approval!

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